Popular Designs Of Yoga Jewelry For Women

Yoga jewelry for women has garnered popularity as well along with yoga itself. Whether your jewelry has a special and meaningful symbol, has lots of semiprecious stones or is pretty plain, you need to recognize that there are a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Jewelry makers take inspiration from yoga itself. Since yoga is all about relaxation and calmness, most yoga jewelry reflects this kind of vibe. For example, yoga necklaces are usually adorned with crystals, precious and semiprecious stones, beads, polished rocks and fused glass. There are also yoga jewelry that include yoga poses in the design. If you like a particular yoga pose, look for a piece of jewelry that puts this pose right in the center. Here is a list of popular yoga symbols that can be integrated in your jewelry:

  • Om – A Sanskrit holy word
  • AH – Meaning “a state of emptiness from which all living things rise”
  • Bodhi Tree – This signifies the tree Buddha sat under and achieved enlightenment
  • Shakti – The divine, life-giving female energy
  • Dhyana Mudra – A symbol of the hands in Dhyana Mudra, a circulation of energy
  • Namaste – Hands to the heart as “the lightness in me honors the lightness in you”
  • Gaia – A representation of the Earth Mother
  • Mandorla – The balance between man and woman, light and dark, heaven and earth