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Jewelry Design Coral Springs, FL

Let us help you envision the jewelry creations of the your dreams and bring them to life before your eyes.

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Our Process

It begins with a spark. Bring us your dreams and we can begin crafting them into reality right before your eyes. First our designer will consult on details and compile a sketch based on your vision.

Blueprint & 3-D Model

Following the initial consultation and sketching phase, our skilled artisans employ cutting-edge technology to create a detailed 3D model of your envisioned jewelry piece. This blueprint ensures precision and allows you to visualize the final design with intricate details.

Casting & Finishing

Expert craftsmen cast the design into the chosen metal, laying the foundation for your unique piece. Meticulous finishing touches are then applied, including polishing and setting stones, transforming the digital concept into a tangible masterpiece ready to be cherished.

in-Store Workshop

Custom Artisan Jewelry Design

Need a custom piece created? Stop into our conveniently located store, or feel free to choose a spot on our calendar.

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Step One

1. Sketch

Step Two

2. Model

Step Three

3. Final

Let us bring your imagination to life

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