Yoga Charms Help Enhance Your Meditation

Yoga is a meditative practice that originated from India. Yoga doesn’t really require its practitioners to wear accessories. However, yoga charms and jewelry will be a lot of help in boosting your meditation in a relaxed manner.

There are researches showing that more and more jewelry are being designed to be used as yoga accessories. The most common examples of yoga jewelry include Ohm charms. In yoga, the word ohm means universal knowledge. It is one of the most powerful mantras in yoga and is wide applied in both the Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Another popular design in yoga jewelry is the Shiva eye. According to legend, the Shiva eye represents knowledge and wisdom. It is believed to be the center of the omniscience of the god of fertility. The Shiva eye is represented in yoga jewelry as a sterling silver eye pendant necklace and in sterling silver Shiva eye spiral earring.

It doesn’t matter what design you choose for your yoga jewelry. What is important is that it doesn’t interfere with your yoga exercises and helps you focus. Contact Sziro Jewelry now for more information about yoga charms.