Platinum Engagement Ring Settings: Why Choose Platinum?

If you go for platinum engagement ring settings, people would ask “Why platinum? Why not gold or silver?” Here are several reasons why you should choose this piece of jewelry over the others.

  • Aesthetic appeal – Platinum is white metal that has a silvery white shine to it. What makes it standout over gold and silver is its distinct radiance and sheen. You can spot a platinum ring a mile away. Also, with its white color, it is very easy to match with other pieces of jewelry and accessories.
  • Symbolism –The characteristics of platinum make it a perfect symbol of love. To begin with, platinum grows stronger with time, which makes it a symbol of love and commitment. And since platinum is quite rare, it makes the ring even more special.
  • Allergy-free – Another great thing about platinum is that it is safe to those who have sensitive skin and usually suffer rashes when wearing pieces of jewelry for a long time. Platinum contains less nickel, which makes it less prone to triggering allergic reactions.