What Must You Do To Have Your Jewelry Insured?

Jewelry is a form of investment. It becomes more valuable as time goes by especially if it kept in excellent condition. For example, a vintage watch can cost thousands of dollars if there are no scratches and still works properly. But how can you insure your jewelry?

  • You need to get an appraisal first. There are many jewelers out there that can appraise jewelry for you. What an appraiser does is provide a concrete value for your jewelry and have a formal document to verify it.
  • Contact a jewelry insurance company and get information about their coverage. What happens is that the rate they will give you will be based on the jewelry’s value.
  • If deductible is an option, go for it. A deductible is the amount you will pay to replace the jewelry before the insurer picks up the remaining amount. A higher deductible will lead to a lower annual insurance premium.


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