Simply putting your jewelries in a safe isn’t enough to protect it. Jewelries end up lost, damaged and stolen all the time. The best to get a fighting chance of having it replaced is by having it insured under Jewelers Mutual Insurance Plantation. Here is what you need to know about having your possessions insured.

  • Find out what your insurance covers – Different insurance companies offer different coverage. The best thing you can do is to call your insurance company and know straight from them how you are covered.
  • Consider separate jewelry insurances – There may be instances where your current insurance company doesn’t cover jewelry. If this is the case, you may have to look into separate jewelry insurance that will give you full coverage.
  • Get the facts – Take the time to meet with your insurance agent to know what your options are. This is also a great way for you to be able to ask questions about clauses in the insurance agreement that you don’t understand. There is big difference between talking to an agent over the phone and talking to the agent face to face.


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