How To File A Claim

Your jewelry insurance company should be able to process your claim quickly and without hassle. With Jewelers Mutual Insurance Plantation, you are provided a fair and efficient claims processing. How should you file a claim?

  • If you lost your jewelry because of robbery, burglary or theft, the first thing you need to do is report it to the police. After that, report to your insurance company. They usually have connections with law enforcement agencies in order to apprehend the person responsible for the loss of your jewelry.
  • Make sure you record what happened surrounding the circumstances of the loss or theft of your jewelry.
  • You can report the loss to your insurance agent or directly to the insurance company. When you report it directly to the insurance company, this will help speed the processing of your claim.
  • When reporting a claim, provide the following information: name, address, policy number, date of loss, type of loss, circumstances of the loss, and your best estimate of the dollar amount of loss.


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