What Is An Appraisal And Why
Should You Appraise Your Jewelry?

Before you can have your jewelry insured, you first must have it appraised. Here are reasons why you must appraise your jewelries.

  • When you appraise jewelry, you will know its true value, meaning its worth in monetary equivalent. If you own a vintage or antique piece of jewelry that has been passed from generation to generation and you have no idea how valuable it is, have it appraised.
  • Getting an appraisal is a necessary step if you want jewelry to be covered by insurance.
  • In situations where the police recover a piece of jewelry, its appraisal is the best way to trace back the owner of the jewelry.
  • If you are traveling to another country, you must provide appraisal papers so that your jewelry will pass through customs.
  • For those who are planning their jewelry in the future, an appraisal is a great help in setting a price for potential buyers.


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