Why Get Jewelry Insurance?

A piece of jewelry is more than just an expensive piece of metal. Chances are, there a lot of great memories attached to it like how it is for wedding rings, engagement rings and vintage earrings. Realizing just valuable and irreplaceable your jewelry is, the more you should see the importance of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Lighthouse Point. Here is why you should get jewelry insurance.

  • Jewelry is more than a monetary investment – Jewelries are usually given out during special occasions and given to very special person. The sentimental value attached to jewelry is what makes it priceless, more than its price tag. This is what is protected when you have it insured.
  • You can preserve memories – A ring or a necklace can be a physical reminder of a person, place, or memory you value very much. When you have insurance, you have the luxury of passing down this piece of jewelry to the next generation or to your future children or grandchildren.
  • You don’t have to lock away your jewelry – Nothing beats the feeling of getting a replacement piece for jewelry that you thought is forever lost or damaged. When you have jewelry insurance, you can have the confidence to wear your jewelry instead of keeping them locked away.


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