Have Your Jewelry Appraised Now!

It is important that you have all your jewelry appraised if you want jewelry insurance. Jewelry appraisal isn’t complicated as long as you know how and why you should do it.

  • Always use a registered appraiser – Make sure that you are dealing with an appraiser that is registered under a regulatory board. All registered appraisers would have the necessary knowledge about gems and proper appraisal.
  • Make sure that the appraisal document is certified – Don’t accept an appraisal if it doesn’t come with the proper document. Do not accept a valuation that has been done ‘on behalf’ of the valuer or the retailer as this may not carry any weight in matters of legality. 
  • How much will an appraisal cost? – Appraisers charge differently on the type of appraisal required. Make sure you discuss the fees right at the start to avoid being surprised by what it would cost you.


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