Questions To Ask Regarding Jewelry Insurance

All jewelry, no matter how small or big it may be, requires an insurance of some sort. Sometimes, we get caught up in the beauty of the jewelry that we totally forget the aspect of protecting it. If you want clarity about insurance and how it works, here are important questions to ask a jewelry insurance agent.

  • What type of jewelry should be insured? Any jewelry that is valuable to you should be insured. Wedding rings, heirloom pieces, vintage watches – when these are properly insured, you can have them replaced or repaired.
  • How does jewelry insurance work? This works just like how other insurance policies work. An appraisal must be done to determine the value of an item. An item will then be protected once it is insured.
  • What does jewelry insurance cover? It would be best if you choose insurance that offers comprehensive coverage including damage, loss and theft. The policy should also allow you to work with a local jeweler or a jeweler of your choice in case you require repair.


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