Filing A Claim For A Lost Jewelry

You need to know the necessary steps that must be done when filing a claim for a lost jewelry. This will let your claim be resolved quickly and efficiently as possible.

You need to realize that every insurance company has their own procedures for accepting and processing a claim. Don’t be satisfied with just a phone call. If it is possible, submit something in writing and keep track of it. Keep a copy for yourself so you have a record of all the information you submitted. One of the first things you need to provide is the date the loss occurred and the circumstances that led to the loss. Provide information about where you were and what you were doing the time the item was lost.

You should also provide the insurance company of a document verifying the value of the item. Your most recent appraisal should be enough proof for the company. Once your claim is approved, the insurer will provide a claim worksheet to the jeweler you will be working to have the item replaced.


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