Documents You Need To File For Jewelry Insurance

You need to know the necessary steps that must be done when filing a claim for a lost jewelry. This will let your claim be resolved quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are the documents you need to prepare if you are approaching jewelry insurance for the first time.

  • If possible, you will need to present the original receipt. However, if the jewelry you want insured has been handed down many generations ago, don’t worry if you can’t find the receipt. Your jewelry can still be appraised.
  • For jewelries that have valuable stones in it, like diamonds, make sure that you have a certificate verifying its value, weight and quality. You can find many companies out there who often grade and certify valuable stones.
  • An insurance company might require an appraisal, especially if the item you want insured is very expensive. Get the services of a separate certified appraiser to do it for you.


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