Happy Valentines Day

Sziro -  Happy Valentines Day

John & Kelly Szirovatka are a striking couple and a staple in our community. After years together as a pair and then growing to a family of four, they are focused on their children as well as their family-owned and operated business. Family seems to be the constant in every conversation with either of them.

John has been casting gold and silver since he graduated high school in 1989 and started a jewelry business. He and Kelly met in 1991, and four years later they combined their creative talents and moved to the American Jewelry and Diamond exchange. Kelly tells us, "We wanted our own space, so we opened the store here in Coral Springs in 2001 just two months after we were married." Their smart move has gleaned them appreciation from many satisfied customers.

Sziro - Family Love

Local resident Anne Jerome tells us, "Sziro Jewelry has been my go-to place for everything from gifts to custom pieces. I had a costume jewelry pendant that I liked the design of, but was way too big. I took it in to John and asked if he could make a smaller, sterling one. Oh my goodness! The result was an exact replica in a better size and the center stone is the color I wanted, too! He and Kelly really made it special for me."

Kelly tells us, "We do a lot of custom work when jewelry is handed down, and I really enjoy making new things out of jewelry that has been passed down from a loved one; creating something out of people's old things and making it beautiful again." Birthdays, new babies, engagements and anniversaries are the most popular times for clients to venture in to the store and explore creating new jewelry. Kelly says, "We also do a lot of work for people who have lost someone who is precious to them."

For Valentine's day, there are many choices for every budget at Sziro's beautiful showroom in the Walk. "People want to buy something sweet for their sweetheart," Kelly smiles. "Bar (line) necklaces, hearts, chevron and other fun rings as well as engagement rings and new wedding bands are all here. Hoop earrings are always popular and pearls are back in big style again."

Kelly's focus is creativity, whereas John has a great eye for design, but is the driving force behind the production of every piece. Both of them have a hand in their most popular and original designs, which also include corporate gifts, logo creation and absolutely anything custom in precious metal."We are a great team," says Kelly with affection as well as conviction. When looking at the variety of original pieces throughout the store, one has to agree. Designs that are current along with items that reflect sentiment adorn the sparkling cases throughout the showroom. "

The thing that makes us unique is the back of our 7 store," Kelly opines. "We make everything here, which is unique to most jewelry stores. We have two casting ovens and two different types of casting machines." Behind the scenes, Kelly's brother Orrin also helps with the CAD system, C&C machine and the 3D printer. Close supervision of all stages of production is John's specialty. He also has assistance from Brian and Rene as Master Jewelers and diamond setters. At the showcases, Kelly and Sheryl tour customers through the glittering choices. Consulting with clients is also an important part of the personalized business at Sziro. Among their myriad of services, that also buy gold, string pearls and help with understanding diamond value and purchase. Kelly tells us, "My favorite thing to do is make clients happy."

Family is a thread that runs through our entire conversation with John and Kelly. His parents came here from Hungary and eventually settled in the Margate area. John is an only child and graduate of Coconut Creek High School. Kelly, one of six kids, grew up in Coral Springs, graduating from Coral Springs High School. "I am so glad we've stayed here," Kelly giggles. "Coral Springs is home to me."

Kelly remembers the first jewelry item John ever gave. her..."It was my birthday and he gave me a contemporary ring with a diamond in it." Despite it's size (30 points), that diamond is extremely sentimental to her and she still has it today. "It's the only one I won't sell," she says definitely.

Adding sons Sebastian, 11 and Slater, 9, has been the highlight of their lives. Grandma's help with the boys on days the store is open are very appreciated. Kelly exclaims, "John's mom is our right arm!" Any time not in the store is valuable time spent with their boys and beloved dog, Szira, insists Kelly. "Our sons are really involved with their hockey teams at the Panther's Ice Den, and so are we!" All four of the Szirovatkas love spending time attending Panther's games and John has quite an impressive collection of signed player jerseys and Goalie sticks in the showroom. When they aren't focused on business, John, Kelly and their boys are out enjoying games, local restaurants, the movies, trips to theme parks in Orlando, and time on the ice or surfing off of Deerfield Beach. Kelly laughs about Sebastian and Slater's proclivity for water, whether frozen or liquid.

This Valentine's Day, fall in love with a local family, their business, their passion for excellence and your new (or old made new) favorite piece of jewelry.

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