Tips Before Bringing Your Eyewear To
Eyeglass Repair Parkland Provider

Here are some good tips for you before you bring your damaged eyewear to an eyeglass repair Parkland specialist. These will surely make your eyeglass safe and sound until you reach the repair store:

  • Wrap your eyeglass with a clean cloth or if you have a bubble wrap, you can use it as well instead of a cloth.
  • After wrapping your eyewear with a cloth, tissue or bubble wrap, place it in a case to avoid further damage.
  • If the screws or the nose pads fell off, put them inside a separate container.

The eyewear repair specialists at Sziro Jewelry can definitely arrive at a great solution to any kind of eyeglass damage. The tips listed above are just to make sure that any additional ‘injury’ to your eyeglass is prevented.