When To Give And How To Choose Eternity Bands

Giving eternity bands is a great way for couples to commemorate a special day in their relationship. Whether it is your tenth year anniversary or looking back at the day you first met, it is always nice to have a piece of jewelry for this very special occasion.

When should you buy an eternity band? There are old-fashioned rules when it comes to what kind of gift to give on a specific year. For example, fifth anniversary is wood, aluminum for the tenth and gold for fifty years. However, you can always ditch the rules and give your loved one an eternity band whenever you feel like it. This can even be better because it is your surprise to her.

When it comes to choosing the actual band, make sure that its design and style isn’t far from your wedding ring. This way, the rings on your finger still looks coordinated. Or, go for a style that complements the other. If your wedding ring is heavily embellished with diamonds, choose an eternity band that is simpler in order to make the diamonds appear sparkler and shinier.