A Simple Buying Guide To Eternity Bands For Women

It is always a good time to show your love to your beloved. It doesn’t matter if you are remembering your anniversary or the first time you met. Buying the love of your life a piece of jewelry will surely make her appreciate your love even more. Here is a simple buying guide to eternity bands for women.

  • Full or half? –There are two types of eternity bands – full or half. Full rings usually feature a complete circle of gems while half rings have stones in only one portion of the ring. Check if your love one is the type of person who would go for a full or half ring.
  • Stone sizes and shapes – Eternity bands usually have clusters of stones as its design. Popular stones include princess, emerald and round cuts. Eternity bands usually use smaller gems to make it comfortable to wear regularly.
  • Stone collections – Diamonds are the most popular stone used in rings and bands. For those who want color in their rings, they can choose to use emeralds, tanzanite, sapphires and rubies. You can also choose to use your birthstone to make it more meaningful.