Custom Jeweler Coral Springs: How They Do It

They say that art and science are two different worlds but in fact, they both share numerous similarities. Just like science, some fields in the arts follow a systematic process such as the job of a custom jeweler Coral Springs. In order to come up with great jewelry pieces, it has to go through the following stages first:

  1. It all starts with a concept where the client expresses what they want through pictures and discussions.
  2. The jeweler then creates a model of the ring, necklace, or earring through specialized software in the computer which can then be approved by the client.
  3. Once approved, a prototype of the life sized jewelry is printed out of high definition wax by a rapid prototyping machine.
  4. When it is at par with the client’s taste, it can then be realized into the actual jewelry through a process of specialized wax casting.

This exact same process is being followed by several jewelers such as Sziro Jewelry.