Get Insurance For Your Custom Jewelry

Your custom jewelry requires an insurance policy so that you are assured that you could get a replacement piece in case you lose or damage it. Sometimes, we get caught up in the beauty of the jewelry that we totally forget the aspect of protecting it. If you want clarity about insurance and how it works, here are important questions to ask a jewelry insurance agent.

  • Would I be provided with a policy for all of my jewelries or would there be separate policies for more expensive items?
  • What exactly is covered by my policy?
  • When it comes to lost items, what kind of loss does this actually refer to? Would there be a difference in claim in case my ring got stolen or if I lost it at the beach?
  • Will the insurance company write me a check for the full value of the item or will they pay the replacement cost?
  • Will the insurance company pay the replicating fees or would it be up to you to choose your preferred jeweler?