Consulting With A Jeweler First

Every jewelry store has a person in charge – the jeweler. This person is knowledgeable regarding anything about jewelry – from price, carat and even security measures. Before buying, make sure you take your time talking to them and asking questions.

  • May I see a selection of rings to compare? Make sure that you are shown an assortment of rings that fall within your price range. You should realize that jewelry can be a big investment which is why you need to make sure that you have seen all the possible options for you.
  • May I have a grading report for this diamond? If you are buying any piece of jewelry with diamonds in it, make sure that it comes with a grading report from a gemotological laboratory to verify its value, quality and authenticity.
  • How can I protect my investment? You should talk to your jeweler about appraising or insuring your jewelry. They can provide you with important information about well-known appraisers and insurers in your area.