Common Designs Of Autism Jewelry

You can use your passion for raising awareness and your love for jewelry for a good cause. Host a local event or plan a community event that will educate your neighborhood, school or organization about autism. One way of making the event fun is by giving away or selling autism jewelry in order to raise funds as well.

There are different kinds of design to choose from, all of which are fun and fashionable. Here at Sziro Jewelry, we have an exclusive jewelry line dedicated to intricate pieces that spread love and light about autism. Some of our designs include:

  • Autism Autism Awareness Jigsaw Puzzle Bead in 14K Pink Gold
  • Autism Awareness Jigsaw Puzzle Charm Bracelet Bead in Sterling Silver
  • Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Charm with 2 Open Hearts in 14K Pink Gold, 20mm
  • Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Pin with 2 Open Hearts in Sterling Silver, 20mm
  • Large Autism Awareness Puzzle Boy Charm in 14K Pink Gold
  • Large Autism Awareness Puzzle Boy Pin in Sterling Silver
  • Large Large Autism Awareness Puzzle Girl Charm in 14K White Gold
  • Medium Autism Awareness Open Puzzle Piece Charm in Sterling Silver, 20mm