18K Gold Engagement Rings: Important Factors Of A Ring

Your engagement ring is more than just another piece of jewelry. It is your way of announcing to everyone that you are finally engaged. But most importantly, it represents your readiness for a lifetime of happiness with the one you truly love. Pick the best 18k gold engagement rings by following this easy guide.

  • The stone – You can immediately narrow down your search when you decide on which stone you want to buy. The more traditional route is to go for diamonds but for the more modern, you can choose a colorful gemstone.
  • The cut – A stone can be cut in different ways. Pear, cushion, round, princess, emerald or heart cut – these are just some of the most popular cuts. Look at these different cuts and see what appeals to your personal style the most.
  • The style – Let your personal style dictate the style of the ring you are going to buy. Do you lean towards classic, modern or vintage styles? Make sure it reflects your personality.