How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is an investment and it is not usually cheap. If you want your jewelry to last you many years, you need to know how to properly store it and take good care of it.

  • Make sure you remove any piece of jewelry you have when you go swimming in a pool or the beach. The chlorine found in pools and the salty waters of the beach can have an effect on the shine and luster of your jewelry. Aside from this, you can lose an earring or necklace when you go swimming.
  • Know the special way of cleaning your jewelry. When it comes to gold jewelry, the best thing to do is to have it cleaned by a jeweler. Yes you pay extra for the service but at least you are assured that it is in the hands of an expert. Or if you want to do it yourself, simply soak it in glass cleaner and scrub it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Store it properly by putting it in a soft pouch. This is to avoid any scratches or wear and tear. Make sure also that you don’t combine two rings in a single pouch to avoid rings rubbing and scratching each other.