14K Gold Engagement Rings: Why Your Engagement Ring Matters

When you tell people that you are finally engaged, their first reaction would be to ask, “Is that the ring?” This just shows us that many people immediately associate being engaged to the ring. But just how important are 14k gold engagement rings?

First of all, the ring draws attention to the fact that you are engaged and that you are committed to a person. This sends out a message that you have no space for another man or woman in your life because you finally found that one person you want to spend your whole life with. This will also make your partner feel good because the gesture of wearing the ring is your unspoken manner of showing how much you love him or her.

Though they maybe people who will cite that getting an engagement ring is impractical, they fail to see the fact that the ring itself is priceless and that it stands for something you cannot put a price on: your love for one another.