14K Gold Anniversary Bands: What Karat Should Your Ring Be?

We always hear the word “karat” when we refer to gold rings. But what is it exactly and does it have any bearing to the quality of your ring?

As defined by jewelers, gold karat is a number that tells you how many parts pure gold are in a piece of jewelry. What this means is that a 10-karat gold ring contains approximately 42% gold (10 divided by 24). The remaining percentage is made up of other metals such as zinc, nickel, etc. Going by this logic, this means that the higher jewelry’s gold karat, the more valuable it is. However, the downside to higher karat is that it is less durable. Pure gold is very soft, which means that higher karat gold is softer and durable than lower karat gold.

Low karat gold rings range from 10k to 14k gold anniversary bands. Jewelries made out of it are meant to be worn daily because they are not easily bent. They are also harder to scratch and needs less polishing. They are also likely to be broken because they are stronger. On the other hand, high karat gold is ideal for pieces of jewelry you don’t intend to wear daily. They have a yellowish appearance and scratches easily.