What Is The Difference Between 14k Gold And 18k Gold?

You might think that 14k and 18k are nothing but numbers. What you should realize is that these numbers have a lot of say on the price, quality and durability of your jewelry. But what are the distinct differences between the two?

  • Appearance – It is hard to tell the difference between the two based on appearance alone. However, to the eyes of an expert, 18k gold appears more yellow gold and shines more vividly compared to 14k.
  • Uses – 14k gold is used 90% in wedding bands. It is also fit for people who have a more active lifestyle because it is durable and able to resist scratches more. 18k is less resistant and softer and can easily show scratch marks after just a few times of wearing it.
  • Value – The price of jewelries vary according to many factors. But generally speaking, 18k contains more gold than 14k which makes it more expensive.